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Safezone was founded by three entrepreneurs with the same goal.

Our goal: safety for everyone. The products we offer in our webshop are functional and do exactly what they are meant to do. From product design to delivery, we have thought about how we can offer high quality products at the lowest possible price.

Core values

Our products help you ensure the safety of your customers and employees.

Our product range consists of functional products that do exactly what they were designed and intended for: safety for everyone. This enables us to offer high-quality products at the lowest possible price. From product design to delivery.

Our products help you to protect your customers and employees in the safest way possible by creating a safe working and living environment.

The interactive design makes your customers and employees aware of the 1.5 meter society in a simple, beautiful and effective way.

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Ruben Goossens


Daan Heijsters


Floyd Leestemaker