Safezone - Without internal battery

Do you have a power socket within 1.8 meters? Then buy the Safezone without a battery and save 10 euros per product.

69,95 35,00

Product description

The Safezone distance meter without battery is perfect for when you have a socket at your counter or reception. The Safezone without battery comes standard with a 1.80 meter micro USB cable.

The Safezone lights green as standard outside the 1.5 meter zone. When someone comes within 1.5 meters, the green light changes to red.

The distance and sound are easily adjusted with two buttons on the top of the case. The simple but functional control makes the Safezone much cheaper.

Do you prefer the Safezone with battery? Then choose the wireless Safezone.

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Distance settings


– 0,3 meter
– 0,6 meter
– 0,9 meter
– 1,2 meter
– 1,5 meter

The positions are displayed via the five LED lamps in the housing. It goes like this:
– 1 LED 0,3 meter
– 2 LED's 0,6 meter
– 3 LED's 0,9 meter
– 4 LED's 1,2 meter
– 5 LED's 1,5 meter


The Safezone has two buttons. With these two buttons the following settings can be changed:

- The Safezone can be turned on and off;
- The sound can be turned on and off;
- The distance can be set;

For more information on how to set up the Safezone, please consult the instruction booklet or video.


The Safezone without internal battery is supplied with cable. The cable is 1.8 meters long. Note: the adapter is not included.